Dorothy Gillespie

"Seeing in the mind’s eye a vision – then setting up a procedure to produce the vision – then having the courage to let the spiritual core of the human experience come to the fore in that vision; maybe this has something to do with creativity."—Dorothy Gillespie  

 An American Artist

American Artist Dorothy Gillespie standing before one of her worksThe Dorothy Gillespie Foundation proudly presents the works and history of the 20th century American Artist, Dorothy Gillespie, which included abstract expressionism, decorative abstraction, site-specific installations, the women's movement and art in public spaces. She was a pioneer in the new directions of metal sculpture and best known for large-scale, highly colorful painted arrangements of cut aluminum strips radiating, undulating, or curling in giant arrangements of ribbon, enchanted towers, and even the burst of fireworks piece: well known as a painter, sculptor and installation artist whose work incorporated many significant 20th-century trends in art.

Dorothy Gillespie's career spanned seven decades, and was always in the forefront of the American Art movement.  Ms. Gillespies works have graced and still grace many institutions, museums, colleges, universities and public places.  She was one of the first artists to offer her art to the world through displays in the lobbies of public institutions and governmental centers such as the Mayo Clinic,  Epcot Center, Warren Wilson College, Fort Lauderdale Airport-Delta Terminal, Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts,  Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art,St. Marks School-Dallas, United States Mission to the United Nations, Miami Public Library, Court House Square-Roanoke, VA.
The Dorothy Gillespie Foundations invites you to visit the various pages of our website, to learn about her art and who Dorothy Gillespie was, and to view many of her works and collections and take part in the energy and life she created for everyone to admire and enjoy.  Her art was always fresh and colorful and Dorothy Gillespie's artistic touch is unequaled.

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